Gymnase Paul Sabatier Campus de Rangueil
Toulouse (FR)


© Benjamin Roudet

Untitled (I SOLVE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS…), from Rero is on the wall of the University of Sciences of Paul Sabatier’s gymnasium. This first installation of the artist is part of the Biennale Rose Béton 2019. This work is part of his series “Passage to Apophat(ism)…”  (philosophical approach around the idea of negation) introduced this year by our friends from Backslash Gallery. A place where the artist first thought of creating a sect before changing his mind and finally preparing a new exhibition. 

This series questions with humour the idea of secular spirituality as well as our relationship to science. The Paul Sabatier University of Sciences offered a wonderful context for misuse and allowed Rero to question with a certain cynicism Louis Pasteur’s quotation “A little science takes away from God, but a lot brings it back.” 

 This aphorism, inspired by the announcements of the marabouts “I solve all your problems even the most desperate” questions the utility and applications of sciences at the age of the Anthropocene. At a time when humans unfortunately occupy a place of choice in global warming, it is important to question the use that humans makes of Sciences. If the Earth will continue to survive human-related attacks on its ecosystem, Man will surely have managed to make it unlivable for him. 

The current problem is therefore how to survive to ourself..