Nosotros contra Nosotros

ARYZ.ES Cardedeu (ES)


© Octavi Arrizabalaga

Coinciding with a series of exhibitions around France, Aryz announced the release of a limited edition release that further explores the concept of La Pugna. Using conflict as a constructive element, Aryz composed “Nosotros contra Nosotros”, a limited edition diptych comprising two separate prints, available both individually and as a set throught his website.

Through his practice, Aryz honors manual labor and its imperfection. Regularly using raw sketches as a final blueprint for both canvases and large scale murals, he often leaves mistakes and over-corrections as an essential part of the finished piece. “I prepare each layer manually, working on different transparent papers that later transfer to the screen. I hope you can appreciate the fact that there is no computer involved. That makes the final piece have more strength on the strokes and keep the flavor that an original drawing would have.”

For “Nosotros contra Nosotros”, Aryz reworked a large mural he painted in Berlin back in September, creating a diptych depicting vintage-looking men wrestling. With unexpected color shifts and deconstruction of subjects, the artist creates a dynamic atmosphere that accents the intense image summarizing his current creative practice and interest. Each print measures 50 by 70 centimeters, and are done on Somerset velvet newsprint grey, 250 gr acid-free 100% cotton paper. Signed and numbered by the artist.

Sasha Bogojev.