Essaouira Essaouira (MA)


The Montresso Foundation, as part of its partnership with the « Creative Art Program », supports the artist RERO for the realization of two in-situ installations and a mural in the heart of the old city of the General States  of Citizen Entrepreneurship. The artist will also participate in conferences.

Two sculptural installations take place, crossed out letters made of rusty steel plates rise in front of the ramparts of the Medina. On the one hand, RERO questions here the weight of acts in comparison wih the volatility of words and / or the other way around. On the other, the artist exposes our dreams and our willingness to face the test of time.

A mural on the facade of the Orson Welles square will be an opportunity for the artist to question the truth independently or not, of being right or not.

Strongly impregnated with philosophy and sociology, RERO constantly interrogates the codes of our society, especially around the notions of consumption and obsolescence, without ever judging, he in the end proposes to the viewer to do it freely.