17 December 2016 to 4 January 2017

Illusory Perspectives
Thomas Canto

Studio 13/16 - Centre Pompidou Place Georges-Pompidou
Paris (FR)


© Juan Cruz Ibañez

Thomas Canto recently introduced his latest big project, the Illusory Perspectives installation at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. This large installation continues his series of futuristic aesthetics-oriented works which combine urban and geometrical elements in an eclectic abstract form. Mixing painted patterns with actual objects and a grid of both lines and threads installed in the space, the French artist creates a multidimensional work that plays with observers’ perspectives. Taking city and urban landscapes as an endless inspiration, his work plays with light and its effects on surroundings. In this manner, his latest creation depicts an illusory perspective that stretches from the very edges of the space towards its focus point in the corner, forming an abstract image of a dynamic cityscape.