07 Sep - 08 Dec 2018

Thomas Canto & Rero
Objet impossible

Hangar 107 107 Allée François Mitterrand
Rouen (FR)

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© Julien Tragin

Friends and colleagues Thomas Canto and Rero both developed their first artistic experimentations in the urban domain.

Canto, inspired by his extensive travels, as well as his interaction with urban architecture as a space for re-writing, develops new geometries for the spaces we occupy. These works traverse both urban environments and galleries and institutions, creating his three-dimensional expanses by hand, mobilising the whole body in the minutia of his creation.

Rero remains true to his foundational graffiti practice, daring to transcend the banality of everyday spaces, to make them seen, allowing us to question them. He develops his inscriptions in a way in which they resonate with their context to give them their full meaning. He creates a permanent dialogue with his surroundings, playing with paradoxes and humour to encourage critical thinking.

Both artists influence and are influenced by the public space, and that which lies between inscription and transcription. Their practice is etched into the long tradition of reflection upon the occupation of these spaces and artistic manifestations within them.

This line of thought is also dear to Nicolas Couturieux and Hangar 107, who work to promote contemporary creation that engages with extramural issues.

Both French, but living abroad, it was important to present them side by side in their home country, in order to overlay their singular visions, and present perspectives that go beyond our borders.