27 Mar - 25 May 2019

Craig Costello & Tilt

Hangar 107 107 Allée François Mitterrand
Rouen (FR)

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© Julien Tragin

Fundamentals is a return to the origins of graffiti in its most primitive and minimalist form. Operating through an abstract, synthetic language emerging from a genuine dialogue between the artist and the city, Tilt and Craig Costello highlight this clandestine culture which has allowed a new artistic movement to flourish.

This homage to the past focuses on the textures, the movement unique to graffiti artists, their speed and the purity of colours playing with contrast against the raw materials of their backdrop. Touring the walls of the world, the two artists enriched their practice through encounters with their environment, leaving their mark, entering into legend.

Through this exhibition, Tilt and Craig Costello pay homage to our towns and cities, to their walls, and to a generation of artists who participated in the birth of graffiti.