18 Jan - 09 Mar 2019

Tania Mouraud

Hangar 107 107 Allée François Mitterrand
Rouen (FR)

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© Julien Tragin

Since the 1970s Tania Mouraud has been exploring the plasticity of language, stretching signs symbols, working with negative space, and rendering them so abstract they become unreadable, so as to test the limits of meaning.

Here words become images, as resistant to interpretation as an abstract painting, where the aesthetic appeal hides a message. Look more closely however and it becomes clear the artist weaves into the work an incisive critique of the rat race of daily life and consumerist culture.

Here, Nicolas Couturieux has the honour to present a survey of the artist’s written research at Hangar 107, retracing historic works through to the recent Mots Mêlés (2017-2018).

The exhibition will also feature a vitrine installation as well as a mural painting, Mallarmé, created specially for the occasion.